New Tivoli

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The Tivoli has quickly become a popular compact SUV, making waves in the industry due to its refreshing design, combining luxury, style and of course performance.

Key Features

Exterior Styling

In a mix of functionality and innovation, the vehicle offers a practical design. The clean slick front of the car features LED lights, incorporating a modern and handsome feel. Front elements blend perfectly with the tidy profile and purposeful rear quarter of the vehicle, which provides drivers with a luggage space of 423 liters.

Interior Styling

Boasting a fusion of the latest vehicle technology with high-spec safety features the Tivoli raises the bar in sophisticated interior design. With layers of detailing encapsulating the highest standard of driver comfort, the Tivoli is a vehicle built as a pleasure to drive.

Technology & Styling

The Tivoli comes equipped with 7 airbags as well as a body of which 40% is made of advanced high-strength steel. SsangYong reported that the Tivoli achieved the highest rating possible for AE-MDB side-impact collision tests.